My name is Marsha Christensen. Almost eight years ago, I was out of shape, had 40% body fat, and weighed 200 lbs. I was unhappier than I had ever been. I could hardly carry my toddler at the time up the stairs in my house.  I was fed up with feeling depressed and tired and wanted to set a better example for my 3 children.  I set out on a journey to change my life and improve my health.


When I began, it was only about losing weight, but by the end of the year that it took me to lose 65 lbs...I had changed MUCH more than just my physical appearance. My confidence and my outlook on life improved as well.  I did not use pills, supplements, or special diets.  I learned to make new, healthier habits and made permanent changes in my lifestyle.

In the years since then, I have become a personal trainer and my greatest desire is to help other people make the kinds of changes that can give them the life they deserve.  I look and feel better at almost 42 yrs old, than I ever have!  I want to help people realize that anyone can change and be better than they ever thought possible.  You don't have to be young or have natural athletic ability.  It's desire, commitment, and a willingness to give everything that you have that makes all the difference!

To read more about me and to follow my blog, go to www.strongisnewskinny.blogspot.com!